Our web-based globalVCard paysystems provides you with an easy, convenient and highly secure way to manage your payables.  

Keep an eye on things

Your globalVCard paysystems dashboard allows administrators to see all key information on your account at a glance. You can view a complete summary of:

  • Account alerts
  • Account activity
  • User activity
  • Payments disbursed
  • Vendor enrollment percentages
  • Rebates paid
  • Missed spend

Uploading is easy

Easily upload almost any ERP data file with no programming required on the client side.  With a click of a button you can start processing payments and generating revenue. Additional features include:

  • Workflow for approval authorization
  • File error checking
  • File management
  • Timed release of files or payments
  • User audit trail

Reporting, your way

The reporting screen allows globalVCard paysystems users a wide variety of standard reports and the flexibility for users to create customized reports and save for future use. Standard reporting includes:

  • Rebate reports
  • Outstanding card reports
  • Enrolled vendors
  • Missed opportunities
  • Reconciliation reports

User control

globalVCard paysystems allows for customized permissions that mirror your day-to-day accounts payable workflow, allowing for all appropriate checks and balances. Examples include:

  • Create users with various permissions
  • Multiple approval hierachies
  • Upload/Approve payments
  • Edit payment dates
  • Manual payment rights